7th CNB Rendez-Vous: 3 days full of joy!

23/06/2015 - CNB Yachts

Set up in front of the port authority office in Bonifacio, the CNB space was open on Friday, 19 June to welcome around fifteen yachts, some of which had come a long way to take part in the event. The following morning, the Bordeaux 60s, CNB 76s and CNB one-offs raced against each other on two routes between the Lavezzi Islands and La Maddalena Archipelago, in a setting of breathtaking beauty.
After a fabulous evening reception at the resort hotel in Poltu Qualtu, all the boats left port at around 10.30 on Sunday morning for the 3rd Champagne Thiénot race, bringing the fleet back to Corsica.
The Bordeaux 60 Kismet, as fine-honed as ever, demonstrated her tactical savvy and impeccable manoeuvring to finish first overall.
We often talk of the "CNB family" when describing the spirit that binds both owners and the CNB teams. More than ever, among the guests whose boats are under construction in the Bordeaux shipyard and the "old hands" alike, the smiling faces by the end of the weekend bear witness to this friendly spirit and the pleasure of a shared passion.
Can't wait till next year!