New Flyer Range

25/11/2013 - Bénéteau

The Flyer range is constantly evolving and so today offers an ultra-sleek and innovative design. Instantly recognizable, the bow signs the different models in the range marking them with decidedly different style.
This versatile new concept offers a solution to every dream of sailing aboard a day boat. In this context, it comes in three different deck version, each with its own graphic world in which the living spaces have been maximized to optimize comfort on board. 
First model of the range, the Flyer 6 will be unveiled at the 2013 Nautic de Paris boat show.
Boasting a 6,10m hull, it offers state of the art technology along with a collection of materials and attention to detail that is unprecedented in this category. Both the uses and style of the flyer 6 will surprise you. It is a modern and innovative boat designed with a new generation Air Step hull. The three models have a wide range of options to match all your boating dreams.
Whatever you do, do not miss this much anticipated event. Join us on 7 December at the Nautic boat show in Paris.

See the flyer 6 SPACEdeck See the flyer 6 SUNdeck See the flyer 6 SPORTdeck