CNB yachts are arriving to Bonifacio on the occasion of the 7th CNB Rendez-Vous

18/06/2015 - CNB Yachts

Julesa, Kismet, Wink, Neyina, have already been welcomed by the CNB team, others will follow tomorrow to finally form a nice fleet of 15 boats (12 Bordeaux 60, 2 CNB 76 and a 64? one-off). They will sail for 2 days between Bonifacio and the amazing Poltu Quatu marina in Sardinia, passing along some wonderful little islands.
The official start of the event is on June 19 at 6 pm, with the skipper briefing and of course the welcome cocktail.
Our partners:  Champagne Thiénot, Raymarine, Volvo Penta, Northsails, Incidences and the Port of Bonifacio.