02/12/2016 - Lagoon

An Atlantic crossing in a wheelchair: Jean d’Artigues reached his goal!

Departed from La Trinité-sur-Mer (Britta [...]
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23/11/2016 - Lagoon

42: Paris Boat Show’s fastest catamaran!

The 42 will be exhibited to Nautic Paris Boat Show from December 3 to 11. Depa [...]
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22/11/2016 - Lagoon

Start of ARC 2016: follow the adventures of the 42 Merci Papa

The start of ARC, world’s biggest transatlantic ral [...]
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22/11/2016 - CNB Yachts

The delivery trip of the CNB 76, Paris Nautic's biggest sailboat

The CNB 76 #15 will be exhibited at Paris Na [...]
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17/11/2016 - Lagoon

The 42 awarded for the third time in a row!

Launched on January 2016, the 42 has just won the prestigious “best m [...]
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14/11/2016 - Lagoon

Lagoon & ARC, 11 years of blue water cruising performance!

The start of the 31st edition of the Atlantic Rally for Crui [...]
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