Research & innovation

As the driving force for innovation, research and development represents one of the main priorities for the BENETEAU Group, which sets aside close to €20 million for this each year.

A dedicated pleasure boats research and development center
develops common solutions - industrialization processes and products - that can be rolled out at the Group's various boatyards (BENETEAU, JEANNEAU, LAGOON, CNB).

The research center, made up one hundred engineers and technicians, focused on three main areas for research :

  Composite materials :
structure sizing, choice of materials and development of industrial implementation processes.

Wood and interior fittings :  industrialization of the implementation of interior fittings, development of new finishings, research on new materials for fittings

 Systems : electricity, plumbing, on-board comfort, development of engineering and design tools, such as the computer-aided design (CAD) software CATIA.