With the third generation of the family, Annette Bénéteau Roux, her brother André and her husband Louis-Claude Roux diversify Bénéteau's activity to include recreational boats and introduce the use of fibreglass in boat building.


Bénéteau exhibits at the Paris Boat Show for the first time, launching an innovative concept - "Pêches Promenades" - with a range of boats designed for fishing and pleasure cruises.


The Boatyards innovate and launch new models: "Forban" and "Galion" achieve great success. The concept is simple: making the pleasure of sportfishing more accessible with high production volumes.

"Baroudeur" offers pleasure cruisers a new cruising style. The fishing cruiser concept, which Bénéteau goes on to develop throughout the 70s, is suited to all publics. With its cabin, the Baroudeur now offers the possibility for living on board. A dream of escape that is open to everyone.