Shareolder information

The share was introduced on the Paris stock exchange’s Second Marché on March 15th, 1984, at the time of Chantiers BENETEAU’s centenary.
Today, it is listed continuously on the Euronext Paris market, Compartment A (Midcaps), eligible for the deferred settlement service, and is notably included in the value of the SBF 120 index.

The history of the share price, factoring in the various stock splits and the conversion from French francs to euros, can be summarized as follows:
 - 1st price on March 15th, 1984 :  
(or 495 French francs at the time)
 - Lowest price : €0,16
(average for January 1988)
 - Highest price :  
€20 (average for July 2007)
 - Price on August 31st, 2011 :

You will be able to find BENETEAU's share price on the, in the "INVESTOR SECTION", under "SHARE ONLINE".

Being a BENETEAU shareholder

You may hold your BENETEAU shares :

=> On a "bearer" basis : You are registered only with the custodian for your shares (generally your bank), which is therefore the only one to know you. BENETEAU does not know you.
=> On a "registered" basis : You have completed the process to be registered with BENETEAU, and we thank you for this.

As a result, the company is able to personally and systematically send you all of the financial information by email or mail, and more specifically its :
- Financial press releases
- Reports (annual, half-yearly, or notice that these have been made available)

You are invited directly to attend all the general meetings, which simplifies the usual registration formalities.
After two years of holding your shares on a registered basis, they are entitled to a double voting right.

You may choose between :
=> "Administered registered" (your shares are still managed by your custodian, with a doubling of movements on the company's registers),
=> Or "pure registered" (your shares are only registered and managed on the company's registers and you are entitled to an exemption from the custodian fees and other management charges usually applied by securities custodians).

The BENETEAU securities service is managed by :
CACEIS Corporate Trust
14 rue Rouget de Lisle
92862 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9

Financial information

Whether you receive it directly or not, you will be able to find all the financial information released in real time on the company's site:, in the Investor Section, under « Regulated Information »

The financial press releases, and more specifically :
- Sales for the first quarter ended November 30th (published by January 15th at the latest)
- Sales for the second quarter ended February 28th (published by April 15th at the latest)
- Earnings for the first half of the year ended February 28th (published by April 30th at the latest)
- Sales for the third quarter ended May 31st (published by July 15th at the latest)
- Sales for the fourth quarter ended August 31st (published by October 15th at the latest)
- Earnings for the year ended August 31st (published by December 31st at the latest)

The half-year financial report : which can be downloaded directly, by April 30th at the latest

The annual financial report : which can be downloaded directly, by December 31st at the latest

The annual report : presented for the general meeting, by February 28th at the latest

You will be able to download them from the site, and also order paper copies online.
You will also be able to register to automatically receive (only by email) all the financial information in real time.
For any further information, your shareholder contact:

Shareholder meetings

For reference, BENETEAU closes its accounts at August 31st each year.
Within six months of this closing, the company is required to hold an ordinary annual general meeting for its shareholders, notably with a view to approving the accounts and deciding on the appropriation of earnings (and therefore the payment of a possible dividend).
This general meeting usually takes place at the end of January / beginning of February.
In addition, other "extraordinary" meetings may be convened throughout the year in order to deliberate on more specific subjects (such as the share buyback program).

To take part, you will need to have been a shareholder for at least three working days before the meeting date.

If you are a bearer shareholder : you are informed in an initial meeting notice published in the French official gazette (BALO) at least 35 days before the meeting date, with this information then widely covered in all the financial press, followed by a second notice to attend published in a legal announcement journal for the region in question at least 15 days before the meeting date.
On the day of the meeting, you will need to take some ID with you, as well as a certificate indicating that your shares have been blocked, which you will have requested beforehand from your bank.
You will then be able to be registered on the presence sheet, which you will sign before joining the session to attend the meeting.

If you are a registered shareholder : in addition to the initial meeting notice published in the French official gazette (BALO) at least 35 days before the meeting date, and then widely covered in all the financial press, and the second notice to attend published in a legal announcement journal for the region in question at least 15 days before the meeting date, you will automatically receive a personal invitation with all the instructions and information 15 days before the meeting date.
On the day of the meeting, you will simply need to turn up with your ID: your registration on the presence sheet will already be ready.

In both cases, you will always be able to find the information concerning these meetings online at the meeting notice, including the meeting date, time and place, the agenda, the draft resolutions, and the proxy or correspondence voting form.

Lastly, if you are unable to attend in person, you may simply send in your proxy or correspondence voting form: to be validated, it must reach the company at least three days before the meeting date.

Voting right: the company's bylaws stipulate that the voting right associated with the share belongs to the beneficial owner at all general meetings; even when voting rights have been waived, the bare owner of shares still has the right to attend the meetings.

Quorum: for deliberations to be valid (when first convened), the shareholders present or represented must come to:
- For an ordinary general meeting: 1/5 of the capital, i.e. 16,557,968 shares
- For an extraordinary general meeting: 1/4 of the capital, i.e. 20,697,460 shares

On account of the specific makeup of BENETEAU's shareholding structure (majority owned by the BERI 21 family group), the quorum is always achieved: this avoids the formality of convening a second meeting at a later date, majority problems, etc.

Bénéteau S.A.'s capital

It comprises 82,789,840 shares with a par value of €0.10, representing a capital of €8,278,984 split at August 31st, 2011 between:
- S.A. BERI 21: 54,33% (holding company owned by the family group)
- Treasury stock: 1,89%
- Public: 43,78%
To the best of our knowledge, no public shareholders own more than 5% of the capital.

Disclosure of shareholding thresholds any individuals or legal entities, acting alone or in concert, that may directly or indirectly hold, through one or more legal entities they control as per Article L.233-3 of the French commercial code, a number of shares representing a proportion of the share capital and/or voting rights greater than or equal to 2.5%, or any multiple thereof, including over the disclosure thresholds applicable under the legal and regulatory provisions in force, must inform the company of the total number of shares and voting rights they hold, as well as any securities entitling holders to access the capital in the future and the corresponding potential voting rights, in a letter sent recorded delivery with delivery receipt within the legal and regulatory timeframe.
The requirement to inform the company also applies when the shareholder's interest in the capital or level of voting rights falls below any of the disclosure thresholds indicated in the bylaws.


It is generally paid out at the beginning of February each year, just after the ordinary annual general shareholders' meeting, and is usually equivalent to one third of the Group's net income at the last close of accounts.
To be entitled to the dividend, you must have been a shareholder for at least four working days before the date when it is paid out (indicated in the corresponding resolution adopted by the general meeting).
To illustrate this, here is the countdown for a general meeting held on Friday January 31st, with the decision to pay out a dividend one week later on Friday February 7th.

In this way:
- counters closed in the evening on D-4: Monday February 3rd in the evening
- Coupon detachment on D-3 working days: Tuesday February 4th in the morning
- Payment of the total amount by BENETEAU to CACEIS: Thursday February 6th
- Payment into shareholders' accounts: Friday February 7th

For pure registered shareholders: CACEIS transfers the funds directly to shareholders' accounts.
For administered registered and bearer shareholders: CACEIS transfers the entire amount through EUROCLEAR, which is responsible for distributing it among the custodians, based on the counters closed on D-4.

For reference, the dividends paid out over the last three years were as follows :

  2007/2008 2008/2009 2009/2010
Share per value €0,10
Number of shares 87.147.200 87.147.200 87.147.200
Net dividende per share * €0,43
Total payout  €37.473.296

* Factoring in stock splits

For reference, the closing share price on the last trading day in 2016 was: €13.750.
The average closing price for the last 30 trading days in 2016 was: €12.746.