Legal informations

Article 1 - Aim of the BENETEAU S.A. site
The aim of BENETEAU S.A. site is :
- to inform about its financial news, the stock price and the annual results;
- to introduce the differents subsidiaries of BENETEAU S.A., their activity, their results and their news.

Article 2 - Personnal data processing
BENETEAU S.A. is involved not to do the use of personal data you could give, contrast to the legislation in force.
The personal data that BENETEAU S.A. needs are the following ones:
- first name and surname,
- address,
- email.

These information are only used to enable you to receive some financial documentation about BENETEAU S.A.. The personal data are only for BENETEAU S.A..
Pour répondre aux exigences de la directive 2004/109/CE du 15/12/2004 sur la transparence financière, nous transmettons vos coordonnées à un prestataire agréé par l'AMF qui se charge de l'envoi des informations financières. Ce prestataire s'interdit d'en faire une toute autre exploitation et notamment à des fins commerciales ou de marketing direct.

The person who is responsible of personal data processing is:
Mrs Yannick Coicaud-Thomas
BENETEAU S.A. Service Financier
Les Embruns,
16, Boulevard de la mer
BP 319
85803 St Gilles Croix de Vie
Tél : (00 33) (0)
Télécopie : (00 33) (0)

All the requests concerning the personal data processing must be sent to this address. With written demand to BENETEAU S.A. to the above address, and if you justify your identity while joining to your request a copy of your identity card, you can obtain, freely, the communication of the personal data concerning you as well as, if need be, the correction of what would be inexact, incomplete, equivocal, or for which the correction or the use, the communication or the conservation is forbidden.
To ensure compliance with the transparency directive, we transmit your details to an AMF-accredited provider, which handles the sending of information.
If your personal data change, please inform BENETEAU S.A in writting to the address given above.

Article 3 - Cookies
We are likely to established a " cookie " in your computer. A cookie does not allow us to identify you. Generally it records the information concerning the surfing of your computer on our website. This cookie is erased from your computer when you leave the website
We inform you that you can oppose yourself to the recording of "cookies" while configuring your browser as follows:
- If you surf on internet with Internet Explorer 3 or 4 (Microsoft): tick on " display ", " option ", " advanced ". Among different warnings that you can activate, the fourth one is entitled " to warm before accepting cookies " and, only on Internet Explorer 4, the fifth is entitled " Always refusing cookies ".
- If you sail on internet with Internet explorer 5 (Microsoft): click "tools", "options internet", "security", "personnalise the security level". In the section "cookies", choose "to ask" or "to deactivate" for the two proposed options;
- If you sail on internet explorer with Navigator gold 3 (Netscape): click on "Options", "preferences of the network", "protocols". Among different warnings that you can activate, the first one is entitled "to warn before accepting a cookie". You then will be warned when a "cookie" arrives and you will be able to oppose yourself to his recording by your navigation software.
- If you sail on Internet with Communicator (Netscape) : click on "Edition", "Preferences", and put "Advanced" in surbrillance. Choose the desired options.

Article 4 - Responsibility limit BENETEAU S.A.
Photographs, plans, illustrations, descriptions, etc... reproduced as well as the ordered pamphlets on our site have no contractual character and are given for information only.

Article 5 - Intellectual Property

5.1 - Rights of author
The present site is a work of BENETEAU S.A. following the law items L 111.1 and next of the Code of the Intellectual Property.
The conception and the realization of the present site were carried out by the Digital Agency PIX-M (
The texts, photograph, organizations, drawings, sounds and other works are the exclusive property of BENETEAU S.A and or the photographs whose name are following: Argentic & Numeric, Gérard Beauvais, Nicolas Claris, Studio Garnier, Jérome Kelagopian, Jean-Marie Liot, Gilles Martin Raget, Guillaume Plisson, Philippe Plisson, Roldan, Axel Saxe, Jean-Jacques Bernier, Mike Jones.
All direct or indirect, provisional or permanent reproduction, by some means and under some form that this be, in all or party, as well as all representation, usage or modification of the present site are forbidden.
These facts constitute the offence of imitation, punished of 2 years of imprisonment and of 150000 fine Euros (Code of the intellectual property, item L 716-9).
Group music : Hého.

5.2 - Rights on the brands
The figurative and semi-figurative BENETEAU S.A. brands were deposited by BENETEAU S.A. and are his exclusive property.
The brands quoted by BENETEAU S.A. on the present site are with the authorization of their respective members.

Article 6 - Hypertext links and referencement
All creation of a hypertext link towards the present site and all referencement of this one are forbidden without an express and written authorization of BENETEAU S.A..

Article 7 - Modifications of legal information of the BENETEAU S.A. site
BENETEAU S.A. reserves itself the right to modify at any moment the legal informations, notably in case of legislation change to put them in accordance with this one.