Architecture competitions

Every year for the past six years, the Foundation has held a competition with architecture, engineering, design and art schools on various topics relating to the environment and innovation.

These competitions illustrate the Foundation’s commitment to researching future challenges: from a lifestyle respecting the marine environment to alternative housing and energy savings.

2019 competition: the campsite and its environment

Outdoor tourism is the leading form of tourism in France. The challenge of the contestants will be to offer environmentally-friendly solutions for landscape design and the way life is organised within the campsite.

How to participate ?

The registration form should be fullfilled and sent by email at before 10th of september 2019. The documents to be downloaded are as follows :

Rules (PDF)
Brief competition (PDF)
Application form (Word)



2018 competition : conception and design for a power catamaran

While taking into account the evolution and development of boating and technological advances, we are offering students a creative challenge to design a power catamaran which is innovative in its design.

How to participate ?

The registration form should be fullfilled and sent by email at before 14th of october 2018. The documents to be downloaded are as follows :

Rules (PDF)
Brief competition (PDF)
Application form (Word)

2017 competition: designing a catamaran

This competition has dealt with a project of sail catamaran (size 30/40 feet) which has to combine design, life comfort and technological advances. The jury has rewarded three projects :


Victor Donnard from the architecture school of Nantes has received the first price for an amount of 6 000 €. He has conceived the cheapest, the lightest and the most ecological catamaran as possible. Moreover, he has tried to create a link between competition and entertainment ways of sailing.


This second project is totally different but complementary. Thus, the Foundation has decided to give a first price ex-aequo to a project defined by Camille Richard, Cyprien de Hautecloque and Pierre Betbeder have designed a boat self-sufficient in energy thanks to photovoltaic sails and electric engine. The project was thought in order to favour the light inside and to optimize the place by a smart asymmetry (the boat is closed on one side).

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This project made by Andreas Kamaris, Pascal Amar, Adriano Ruta and Pauline Fossiez has received the second price for an amount of 4 000 €. In a first step, they have managed a marketing study which has led to an elegant, fullness catamaran where the owners live as well inside and outside.

2016 competition: Floating Community

In 2016, students were invited to work on concepts for a floating community – one of the solutions for the medium term to respond to urban density issues. Martin Bedier, a fifth-year student from Agrocampus Ouest, and Martin Painsar, an architect from the Paris Belleville National School of Architecture, were rewarded for their “Ocean Rhythms” project. They successfully combined traditional features from fisherman’s cottages with innovation in terms of sustainable development and biodiversity.

The Nantes and Bordeaux urban communities and the French Ministry for Housing, through the PUCA planning, construction and architecture program, have expressed strong interest in the 2016 competition winners’ work. The Foundation has supported them with their first steps in order to facilitate their exchanges. Thanks to the Foundation, Martin Bedier and Martin Painsar have set up their own business to work on their first projects with Kaufmann & Broad and SAMO (SNI Group).

2015 competition: Alternative Housing

The Foundation was looking to create an alternative housing solution with less than 20 sq.m of space and a self-sufficient design for energy production. It selected Matthieu Blond for his “Palace” concept.