Our commitments to women & men

Our employees’ team spirit and engagement are core features of Groupe Beneteau’s strategy for sustainable growth.

In the boating industry, Groupe Beneteau stands out through the quality of the resources we allocate for training all our staff, whether they are on permanent or temporary contracts, in France and around the world.

The 2022 Sustainability Performance Report shows in details the actions taken by Groupe Beneteau and its subsidiaries.

Groupe Beneteau’s 6 employee commitments are:

  1. Supporting health and safety
  2. Training and developing skills
  3. Promoting equality of treatment
  4. Integrating new staff
  5. Enabling our managerial culture to evolve
  6. Ensuring workplace wellness and motivation
Commitment n°1 Supporting health and safety

Groupe Beneteau has set itself a target to continuously reduce the number of occupational accidents.

To ensure employee safety, the multi-year BSAFE plan has been adopted and rolled out at all Groupe Beneteau sites, in France and around the world. The BSAFE plan is focused on providing training for all employees, building awareness among management and employees, particularly with the safety dialogue approach, in addition to factoring in possible risks during production and eliminating them as from the product design phase.

The BSAFE plan has already made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in the level of accidents. More details are reported in the Annual Sustainability Performance Report.

Commitment n°2 Training and developing skills

Groupe Beneteau’s training plan is based around 3 components:

  • Specific technical know-how for building recreational boats
  • Managerial efficiency
  • Safety

The training programs include the successful transfer of technical know-how within its in-house training centers, as well as the acquisition of new skills thanks to courses developed in response to the Group’s needs in partnership with external training centers, schools and universities in each country where the Group is present.

The annual performance reviews make it possible to set up individual training programs and promote internal mobility.

Commitment n°3 Promoting equality of treatment

The Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct set out the framework of fundamental values and guiding principles.

They must be respected by each employee, each brand and each activity throughout the Group. These principles also apply to our suppliers, dealers and partners.

Check out the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct (available in 5 languages)


Focus on the Gender Equality Index in France

This Index measures the differences in pay between women and men, identifying a 9% unjustified pay gap between women and men in France. In 2022, the scores of Groupe Beneteau’s three French subsidiaries for the gender equality index were:

  • Construction Navale Bordeaux increases its score by 6 points, from 77 to 83/100
  • BIO Habitat releases a score of 54/65 (as 2 indicators cannot be calculated)
  • SPBI S.A. releases a score of 79/100

More details are available on this page

Commitment n°4 Integrating new staff

Since 2017, Groupe Beneteau rolled out ambitious recruitment plans leading to over 1,000 persons joining the company.

More than 90% of recruitments have focused on the Boat business, with half covering operator profiles and half for employees, technicians, supervisors and managers.

To facilitate the welcome and onboarding of new staff, each subsidiary has put in place an onboarding program and pathway, covering both permanent and temporary staff, working with the in-house training centers, which provide the technical and safety courses.

Commitment n°5 Enabling our managerial culture to evolve

Transforming the organization requires to also change the managerial culture.

In 2017, Groupe Beneteau carried out a survey with all its staff to collect their opinions, and its findings highlighted the need for our managerial culture to evolve.

Since then, a global action plan has been launched to build the frame of reference for managerial behaviors and adapt the manager training plan.

Commitment n°6 Ensuring workplace wellness and motivation

The internal opinion survey in 2017 found that 84% of staff feel proud to work for Groupe Beneteau.

The workplace wellness project is focused on 3 key areas:

  • Encouraging participatory management
  • Improving working conditions
  • Empowering employees to evolve within the Group