Supporting innovation & heritage values

Created in 2005, the Beneteau Foundation is committed to protecting the environment, promoting recreational boating heritage and know-how, and supporting innovation.

Since being set up, the Foundation has supported 21 projects, contributed to the creation of one company and organized six architecture competitions.



The Beneteau Foundation supports the values of innovation and heritage through actions focused primarily on protecting the environment.

In the boating sector, it encourages initiatives to promote energy savings and respect for the marine environment. It has already achieved some outstanding results: development of hybrid propulsion, use of pultrusion for lighter boat hulls and electrolysis-based treatment for boat wastewater.

In the leisure homes sector, the Foundation conducts research into housing solutions that are self-sufficient for energy or adapted for areas at risk of flooding. For instance, it has supported the research and development of a 100% solar powered building with the Solar Decathlon competition in 2014.

To encourage commitments from the university stage, the Foundation organizes an environmental and innovative design competition each year. Four winners have been able to set up their own businesses or find jobs thanks to their projects.

The Foundation is also committed to showcasing naval heritage, often in partnership with museums such as the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly in Lorient or the Musée de la Construction Navale in Noirmoutier.”

Annette Roux, Chairwoman

Protecting the environment

It acts by:

  • Encouraging and promoting environmental protection and the emergence of professions in the boating, construction and housing sectors through innovative projects and research
  • Raising public awareness on environmental protection issues, particularly in the boating world

Showcasing naval heritage

By safeguarding and showcasing naval heritage, primarily in the recreational, lifeboat or fishing sectors.

The Foundation has supported two projects to renovate boats with outstanding heritage features: the boat France and the racing multihull F40 Fleury Michon.

It has also donated a €10,000 prize to the association AACSM supporting the renovation of lifeboats.