Ethics & Compliance

For over 140 years, women and men at Groupe Beneteau have promoted, over generations, a passion for its products, a spirit of conquest, the love of transmission and the audacity of pioneers.

Against a backdrop of transformation and generational transition, these strong values are shared with our stakeholders. They support our growth and guide our responsible business conduct.

Four fundamental values Passion, audacity, conquest, transmission


Drives Groupe Beneteau’s men and women each day

One of our passionate employee’s core strengths is their ability to take on board all uses, all experiences, creating diverse models that are aligned with our customer’s needs, enabling them to live their dreams.


Transcends the Group’s history and supports its growth

From the first motorized sardine fishing boat to the SHIP CONTROL universal digital interface, or the Band of Boats community service plateforme, our history has been marked by innovations, both small and large.


Guides all our actions and decisions

From our leadership for sailing to our successful move into motorboats, the expansion of our ranges, our development on international markets, our digital transformations, and our creations of new services to simplify practices and uses… this spirit of conquest enables us to truly stand out.


Is a duty to enable the Groupe and its customers to reach higher and further

Benjamin Bénéteau and the generations of adventurers who have joined the Group over the past 140 years since it was founded have handed down to us their unique know-how. Both receiving and transmitting : we are fully focused on this horizon. 

Code of ethics & Code of conduct Responsible business conduct

A set of guidelines and values, Groupe Beneteau’s Code of Ethics guides employees, managers and company officers in adopting responsible behaviors in their daily professional practices. It applies to all the Group’s employees and subsidiaries around the world.

The CSR Committee is chaired by Yves Lyon-Caen. Its mission is to roll out the Group’s ethics policy and promote the good practices as set out by the Code. The Code of Ethics is supplemented by the Code of Conduct, which applies to employees, suppliers, dealers, customers, and other partners of the Group.

Download our Codes of Ethics (PDF files):


The whistleblowing procedure for ethics and compliance has been rolled out within the entire Groupe Beneteau. It gives employees and third parties a procedure to report breaches and any other misconduct as required by the French law Sapin II of 9 December 2016, pertaining to transparency; prevention of corruption and modernization of business practices, and to the French law regarding duty of care dated 27 March 2017, pertaining to duty of care for parent and subcontracting companies.

The procedure to report breaches and any other misconduct is available in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Polish and Slovenian) on