Build your future with us

Each year, more than 100 young people benefit from their first work experience within Groupe Beneteau. Our teams also welcome large numbers of adults as part of retraining programs.

Whether you are looking for an internship, your first job or a training program, the Group offers you a wide selection of missions in diverse roles, from production to product development and support services.

Gaining experience with Groupe Beneteau

Faced with the stakes linked to the generational transition, the transmission of our know-how and culture is a major challenge for Groupe Beneteau, which trains a growing number of interns every year.

Internships Over 100 interns welcomed each year

Our companies welcome over 100 interns each year, for 3-4 week discovery internships during high school, or for longer ones dedicated to students.

Apprenticeships Students, graduates, adults changing career paths: a project for everyone

Doing your apprenticeship within Groupe Beneteau allows you to prepare for a diploma while discovering our work environments and daily company life. Each apprentice is mentored by an experienced staff member who will welcome, train  and guide the apprentice, while looking after his/her skill development. All study levels are concerned, from high school diplomas up to Master degrees, in all our jobs (production, design offices, support functions) and whatever your profile and experience are.