Collaborate over the long term with our suppliers

Groupe Beneteau is committed with its suppliers to a sustainable development approach, ensuring ethical business practices.

The Purchasing sector is a key player in the Groupe Beneteau’s CSR strategy, aiming to etablish a long-term relationship of trust with its suppliers and subcontractors. The Group’s responsible purchasing policy,  upholding its values and working to respect its environmental and social commitments, involves the mobilization of all stakeholders in its value chain.

Supplier's Code of Conduct


The Supplier’s Code of Conduct, available in several languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, and Chinese), aims to promote and enforce ethical and responsible practices of all the Group’s suppliers and subcontractors.
It is structured around three main topics:

  • Personal safety and working environment
  • Environment
  • Integrity in doing business

This Code of Conduct is brought to the attention of all suppliers and subcontractors with whom the Group has etablished commercial relationships.

Supplier's evaluation

Since 2019, the Group has been committed to carrying out the assessment of its suppliers, including the risks associated with the duty of vigilance. For purchases considered strategic, the selection of suppliers is made by Following a recommendation matrix to assess their performance.

Groupe Beneteau’s purchasing team is made aware of the Group’s territorial responsability.