Let’s Go Beyond! 2020-25

Started in 2020, Let’s Go Beyond! is an ambitious and realistic plan, based on 10 boat brands, a more efficient industrial strategy and more environmental innovation. It sets the course for Groupe Beneteau for 2025.

“In a challenging environment, the vision and the ambition of the Let’s Go Beyond! plan are intact. Groupe Beneteau’s mission is to offer everyone the opportunity to share moments of joy and discovery on the water. We want to facilitate access to the world of boating by creating simple and innovative solutions for life, while respecting nature.”

Bruno Thivoyon, CEO

Eight global brands

The Groupe Beneteau’s House of Brands is based on a core portfolio of eight brands that will concentrate upcoming investments. It comprises four world leaders – Beneteau, Jeanneau, Prestige, Lagoon – and four brands with high potential, namely Four Winns, Wellcraft, Delphia and Excess.

By 2025, Groupe Beneteau will continue to cover as many market segments on four strategic markets – dayboating, real estate on the water, monohull and multihull sailing – with eight international brands and 128 boat models (vs 12 brands and 183 models in 2019).

A more efficient industrial strategy

The industrial and R&D strategy aims to improve the use of operational assets and adapt the production capacity in line with volume variations, whether downward or upward.

It is enabled by three performance drivers:

  1. Better collaboration for marketing and product development
  2. Definition of industrialization models for each boat category
  3. Wider use of shared systems among the brands

A pioneer Group for sustainable boating

From design to production while supporting the establishment of disposal schemes, Groupe Beneteau intends to establish itself as a pioneer for sustainable boating and environmentally responsible leisure homes.

Sustainable development is now integrated within the company project as Groupe Beneteau is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.

New services and new synergies

With Let’s Go Beyond! Groupe Beneteau intends to go further, taking advantage of the opportunities brought by the digitalization and the services. In the near future, all boats built by Groupe Beneteau will be connected and offer ranges of new services that are adapted to their users, whether they are owners, dealers or charter companies.

By 2025, the Group’s ambition is to position itself downstream from boatbuilding and develop new synergies with the distribution networks.


By 2025, Groupe Beneteau will have created more wealth to be shared with its staff and its shareholders.