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The Group covers a wide variety of jobs, unique areas of fine craftsmanship and industrial skills.

Design engineer, sales manager, production manager, operator (laminating-molding operator, assembly operator, joiner-fitter, deck fitter, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer), technician (methods, quality, after-sales service, maintenance, logistics, management control, project management, procurement)…

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Laminating-molding operator

Laminating-molding operators are involved in producing composite structures for boats.

Working in line with direct guidelines and procedures, they prepare the molds depending on how they will be used: cleaning, polishing and potentially gel-coating.

They source supplies of resins and catalysts and produce parts through contact or projection molding.

They set up, adjust and cut materials with scissors and put in place the necessary supports made of balsawood, foam or plywood.

Assembly operator

Assembly operators are involved in assembling furnishings and fitting various modules on the boats.

Working in line with direct guidelines and procedures, they assemble boat interiors, fitting partition walls and modules. They adjust and adapt the woodwork elements, install any missing features, apply any finishing work needed and carry out quality control.

Production supervisor

As operational managers, supervisors report to the head of their independent production unit.

They oversee their production, molding or assembly sector, contributing and challenging existing practices to support the transformation to roll out the “plant of the future” approach.

Supervisors manage and coordinate their production team, made up of around 20 to 35 people. They ensure that safety and environment actions are carried out.

They also oversee continuous improvements by building and managing action plans making it possible to achieve the “safety, quality, cost and time” targets and optimize production performance, while managing production contingencies.

Methods engineer

Methods engineers contribute to improvements in performance for the molding or assembly units.

They oversee actions aimed at continuously improving the unit’s performance levels in line with safety, quality and productivity issues.

They determine the set-up required, taking into account production constraints, and propose a balanced allocation of the tasks involved. They also monitor the industrialization of new products.

To operate within Groupe Beneteau, they must be a proactive source of proposals for improvements to safety, quality and productivity aspects.

Design engineer

Design engineers manage certain design studies, based on the specifications provided and liaising directly with the customers and the teams of designers and design technicians (CAD).

They monitor all the design processes: preliminary studies, research, research administration and planning.

They advise the customer, project owner and project manager (e.g. engineering) in order to ensure the best possible use of the plans delivered by the design office, notably providing advice on ergonomics, design or compliance with standards.

Industrial buyer

Industrial buyers define and coordinate the procurement strategy for their family, with a constant focus on meeting the objectives in terms of costs, technical features, quality, capacity, risks and timeframes.

They deploy the procurement processes, tools and standards and oversee the implementation of targeted actions covering the various phases: sourcing (CSR), supplier performance assessment (audits, monitoring of emerging technologies, alternative solutions for creating value, etc.), negotiations and drawing up of contracts.

For the development of new products, they are actively involved in defining internal requirements, establishing dialogue with internal customers – R&D, production, quality, etc. – and helping define specifications for the products or services required.

Constantly monitoring developments with the various suppliers, they identify relevant innovations and solutions.

Export region manager

Export region sales managers support the business to conquer new markets and help further strengthen its export presence, developing boat sales for our various brands.

They help define the company’s export policy, drawing up the sales development plan for their region and carrying out research into their region’s competitive environment.

Export sales managers build up and coordinate their sales networks, providing them with advice and support to develop the business.

Working with the head office marketing teams, they set up and coordinate marketing and communications actions (presence at local or international shows and/or events, trade marketing, special operations, etc.) and media actions (specialist press and other media).

Safety manager

Safety managers support the plant director with managing, improving and overseeing the company’s safety and environment system.

They oversee the application of the health, safety and environment policy at their site. Their mission also involves coordinating and controlling the application of safety, environment and energy guidelines and procedures.

They provide alerts and information concerning HSE risks in their facility and more generally information relating to HSE aspects: regulations, indicators, actions, employee awareness.

Safety managers are responsible for putting in place the technical resources needed to prevent and protect against risks. They must therefore be a proactive source of proposals for continuously improving safety, environment and ergonomic aspects.