Innovating for our customers

From the Boat division to the Housing division, Groupe Beneteau’s teams are all fully focused on designing and innovating in order to offer the best products for their customers.

Our marketing, R&D and innovation, supply chain and sales teams work closely together to anticipate, conceive and select the innovations that will enable us to stand out on the demanding and competitive recreational boat and leisure home markets, in France and internationally.

Simplify uses and offer the best experiences

Innovative solutions for storing and launching tenders, easier movements on board, effectively designed and resilient interiors and furnitures, easy-to-maintain shower rooms, and bigger internal spaces for more comfort : big and small innovations are developed by our teams, focused on real-life needs to deliver a simpler user experience.


In partnership with supplying company Scheiber, the Group’s teams spent 2 years developing the most complete solution offered by a builder on the market.

Ship Control interconnects all the systems on board (navigation, safety, comfort). It is controlled with the cockpit’s single screen, your tablet or phone. Designed for units from 35 to 45ft up, it is being rolled out across other models.

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Leisure homes: innovation in spaces

Leisure homes are subject to strict legislation and rules that limit them to 40 sq.m of living space. But the Housing division has found a solution thanks to its ingenuity: “We have
developed a system that complies with all these rules, but has enabled us to push back the walls and think outside the box: optimizing their shape in terms of forms, functions and their choice of materials for the last 25 years. We have adopted a different approach for certain elements like the gutters, the sloping of the roofs or even insulation, with O’Hara’s latest leisure homes showing significant gains in terms of their width and height.” explains Florence Bugeon, marketing director.


Our brands Beneteau and Prestige have developed and implemented technologies that simplify port manoeuvres for boaters.

Prestige offers the DockSense™ technology, a unique docking system innovation in the boating industry that was developed by Raymarine. It is the first smart solution for object recognition and movement detection for boating.

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Proposed on all Beneteau Oceanis from 45 to 55ft, Dock & Go combines engine assistance and a bow thruster synchronised with a sail drive pod rotating to 360°. At once intuitive, safe and fun, this on-board intelligence means you can move the boat in a limited space and dock in the most difficult harbor berths.

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