A group listening to its customers

From the Boat Division to the Leisure Homes Division, Groupe Beneteau’s teams are all fully focused on designing and innovating in order to offer the best products for their customers.

Within its marketing, R&D and innovation, supply chain and sales teams, the Group’s employees work together to anticipate, conceive and select the innovations that will enable it to stand out on the demanding and competitive recreational boat and leisure home markets, in France and internationally.

Innovating for a simpler user experience

The teams test out each new development under real-life conditions to ensure a simple user experience. Examples include: innovative solutions for storing and launching boat tenders, easier movements on board, effectively designed and resilient interiors and furniture, and easy-to-maintain shower rooms.

Innovating to offer more attractive products

From boats to leisure homes, comfort and wellbeing are an essential component for good times. In line with a continuous improvement approach, the teams look to further strengthen product quality and performance in order to continue offering a unique customer experience. Customers can personalize their projects in line with their specific needs.

Innovating to compete more effectively

In addition to product innovations, the teams are committed to strengthening levels of competitiveness through industrial innovations and environmental management, optimizing the management of available resources: materials, equipment, machines, processes and logistics.