Our corporate social responsability

With its strong local engagement, the Group is notably committed to maintaining jobs in its historical Vendée region in France, while moving forward with its international development.

Aware of the environmental impacts of its activities, Groupe Beneteau is firmly focused on reducing them through concrete measures and action plans across all its sites (reducing air emissions, cutting waste, adopting an eco-design approach for boats and housing units, protecting biodiversity, etc.)

In order to better identify and manage CSR/ESG risks and challenges linked to sustainable development, Groupe Beneteau drew up its materiality matrix in 2019. Fourty-four stakes in the area of environmental, social, economic, local engagement and governance aspects were identified and presented in the Sustainability Performance Report 2022.

The 2022 Sustainability Performance Report shows in details the actions taken by Groupe Beneteau and its subsidiaries.

Materiality Matrix for Groupe Beneteau