Global leading boatbuilder

Over 8,130 women and men driven by their passion for the product, their spirit of conquest, the pioneer’s audacity and the will to transmit.

Groupe Beneteau is a worldwide market leader for boats and a European one for leisure homes. With its international production capacities and global sales networks, the Group employs 8,130 people in France, the US, Poland, Italy, Portugal, China and Tunisia.

Since 1884, the Beneteau family boatyard has successfully evolved through the decades, from fishing to recreational boating and diversified itself. Today, Groupe Beneteau, through its brands and services, has developed unique skillsets and technical know-how in boating and leisure homes.

9 brands & over 135 boat models

Groupe Beneteau draws its strength from a unique business model, built around a diversified, complementary and innovative offering.

Through its Boat division’s 10 brands, it offers 135 recreational boat models serving its customers’ diverse navigational needs and uses, from sailing to motorboating, monohulls and catamarans.

To support its development on the dynamic segment for outboard motorboats and small sailing yachts, the Group recently acquired the Polish yard Delphia and Seascape in Slovenia. At the autumn boat shows in 2019, it have presented the first models from its new catamaran brand Excess.

A complete range of leisure homes, lodges & pods

The three brands of the Housing division have a comprehensive range of leisure homes, lodges and pods that combine eco-design with high standards of quality, comfort and practicality.

They offer 27 models ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms. All our leisure homes are built from recyclable materials.

Developing more services

In the digital age, Groupe Beneteau is developing numerous initiatives to take on board new ways of consuming and open up its products to as many people as possible.

Charters, boat clubs and Band of Boats, a digital platform for multi-brand boat services, were launched in 2018 to meet our customers’ aspirations. SGB Finance adapts its financing in line with each customer’s needs and uses, offering solutions for all the Group’s products – recreational boats, passenger ships or leisure homes.

International production capacities

The locations of the Group’s production sites are effectively spread out around the world to satisfy the demands of major regional markets.

The Boat and Housing divisions operate 15 production sites:

  • 9 sites in France
  • 1 in Italy
  • 2 in Poland
  • 1 in USA
  • 2 in Portugal
  • 1 in Tunisia

In the US, the Group operates a boat production site in Cadillac (MI).

140 years of passion, audacity, conquest & transmission

The Bénéteau family yard, founded in 1884 in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in Vendée (France), has successfully evolved through the decades.

For over 140 years, across the generations, Groupe Beneteau’s men and women have cultivated their passion for our products, their sense of innovation and their constant commitment to our customers and the environment.



  • Income from ordinary operations[1] of €246m (+59%)
  • Net income1 of €182m (10.2% of revenues)
  • Proposed dividend of €0.73 per share (vs €0.42 paid in 2023)
  • Operating margin confirmed at 7% to 10% in 2024

Find here the 2023 Full-Year Earnings and the 2024 outlook