We create freedom

Lagoon is the world leader in the construction of cruising catamaran sailboats. Lagoon has built more than 6,000 catamarans since 1984 and has never stopped developing its offer with boats ranging from 40 to 78 feet in length. Lagoon’s intent is to offer comfortable and self-sufficient catamarans, produced in a sustainable way, equipped with the latest technologies, all for the satisfaction of today’s sailors.

Generosity and pleasure are our raison d’être. Our passion for open spaces and comfort on board is part of our genetic makeup.

Designed to offer a unique lifestyle on the water, Lagoon catamarans are the result of dreams of voyaging and a desire for freedom.

Lagoon is committed to sailing pleasure through simple and safe sail trimming. We put our know-how to work in the service of user-friendliness.

New model:

In 1987, Lagoon invented a new vision of comfort at sea, and thus the Lagoon 55 was born. This year, Lagoon has revisited this iconic model. With more than 30 years between them, these two models are a perfect reflection of their time.

An impeccable combination of innovation and seafaring spirit with attention to detail and creativity. A living space with multiple possibilities. An uncompromising opening to the sea. A model conceived by passionate designers for lovers of the sea in search of freedom.

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