Where the sea feels like home

PRESTIGE creates exceptional yachts, each designed as a home on the water, a second residence, benefiting from luxury without pretense and without excess, and based on the mastery of space and light.

PRESTIGE is a success story:  30 years of design, development and passion.  The promise of a dream:  that of taking to sea, yet always feeling at home.

The desire to continually push for strategic development, whether in the industrial, commercial or design fields, is a key ingredient to our success.

In three decades, PRESTIGE has become a respected and well-known brand throughout the world, a leader in the power yacht market, with over 4,000 yachts cruising on waters around the globe!

PRESTIGE offers a contemporary, elegant and clever range of yachts, meeting demand from diverse international markets with its F-Line line and S-Line and since 2020, a new line of yachts dedicated to luxury and to the art of living well:  the X-Line.

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