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Access to and use of this site are subject to the Legal Terms of Service set out below and all relevant laws and regulations.

By connecting to and accessing the site (hereafter the “Site”), users accept all the provisions contained in these Legal Terms of Service in full and without exception.

1 – Site’s purpose

The Site is intended to:

  • Ensure better visibility for Groupe Bénéteau as a European market leader and major operator for recreational boating and leisure homes;
  • Present Groupe Bénéteau and its identity, brands and values;
  • Enable users to access the various websites for Groupe Bénéteau’s commercial Boat and Housing brands;
  • Present and enable visitors to discover the BENETEAU Foundation;
  • Attract talents and present the career opportunities available within Groupe Bénéteau;
  • Enable visitors to access Corporate and Financial communications.

2 – Handling of personal data

2.1 General information

Groupe Bénéteau is committed to protecting its users and in particular their right to privacy in accordance with data protection legislation.

Users can consult the Site without having to reveal their identity or any other personally identifiable information.

Groupe Bénéteau may collect personal data from users, notably if they subscribe for its electronic newsletter or submit an application for a job with Groupe Bénéteau.

The personal data that may be collected by Groupe Bénéteau concerns users as individuals, which they voluntary submit when completing forms on the Site, as well as data collected by Groupe Bénéteau when users consult the Site which, regardless of the way it is recorded, makes it possible to directly or indirectly identify users.

Personal data includes personally identifiable information and electronic identification data making it possible to recognize the devices used for their connections or the pages consulted on the Site during their browsing, and are generally insufficient on their own to identify users individually.

2.2 Groupe Bénéteau’s collection of personal data

Groupe Bénéteau collects users’ personal data when they browse the Site’s pages, when they subscribe for the electronic newsletter and when they apply for a job offer.

The personal data that may be collected by Groupe Bénéteau when users subscribe for the electronic newsletter are their email address, surname and first name.

Groupe Bénéteau may also notably collect users’ personal data via the site to review and reply to applications from candidates. The information collected for reviewing applications is marked with an asterisk.

When users voluntarily provide personally identifiable information, they agree to ensure that this information is accurate and does not infringe on the interests or rights of any third parties.

2.3 Cookies 

When they consult the Site, certain items of information relating to users’ browsing may be recorded in “cookie” files installed on their devices.

Cookies are subject to approval by the Site’s users. This approval is valid for a maximum of 13 months.

Groupe Bénéteau is committed to ensuring that users understand what cookies are, what role they play and how their use can be configured.

These cookies are issued by Groupe Bénéteau with a view to meeting users’ expectations as effectively as possible and facilitating their browsing of the Site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that browsers store on the hard drives of users’ devices when they visit a website or consult an advert. Cookies contain several items of information including the name of the server that saved them, a unique identification number and potentially their expiry date.

Cookies enable their issuers to recognize the users’ devices on which they are saved, to collect information relating to their browsing on websites and to offer them personalized services.

Cookies used on the Site

Site performance cookies: they make it possible to remember data entered in forms and manage and secure access to private pages (registration or access to your account, service requested, content of a shopping basket, etc.).

Functional cookies: they adapt the Site’s presentation in line with your device’s display preferences (language used, display resolution, etc.) and personalize your access to the Site.

Analytics cookies (or “audience measurement cookies”): they collect traffic data anonymously to build statistics, determine how often the site is visited (number of visits, pages viewed, etc.) and establish how the Site’s various elements are used (sections and pages viewed, etc.), enabling Groupe Bénéteau to track and improve the quality of its services. The Site also uses Google Analytics, a website analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”), which enables us to analyze how the Site is used.

Social cookies: they enable you to interact with social modules on the Site (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). They are used to provide you with services or to remember your preferences for sharing with social media.

Managing cookies

Users can control and manage the installation of cookies on their devices by changing their browser settings.

Users can accept or block all cookies either systematically or for each issuer. Users can also choose to be notified automatically when a cookie is saved on their device.

Lastly, users can configure their browser to have greater control over the management of their cookies, with the option to accept or block the cookies proposed to them before they can be saved on their hard drive by the server of the website they are visiting.

Users are therefore advised to configure their browser settings in line with their own specific requirements.

Since all browsers are different, users will need to refer to their browser’s “Help” menu to find out how to change their cookies settings.

Any such changes to your device settings may modify or impair your browser’s performance and more specifically your conditions for accessing some of the Site’s services that require the use of cookies. If you experience any difficulties, you can change your cookies settings again at any time and go back to your initial settings.

3 – Management of personal data

3.1 Use of personal data

Any personal data collected will be reserved exclusively for Groupe Bénéteau, its subsidiaries and its partners.

3.2 Sharing of personal data with third parties

Groupe Bénéteau will only ever share personal data with third parties when:

  • Users have given prior approval for information to be shared (e.g. for a special event);
  • Groupe Bénéteau is required to share this information with its distributors and providers, particularly its technical providers, in order to provide you with the service you have requested (e.g. distribution of the electronic newsletter or processing of your application for a job offer);
  • Groupe Bénéteau receives a request from any judicial or other authorities asking for this information to be disclosed in accordance with current legislation.

Groupe Bénéteau will make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data collected when it is shared with such parties.

3.3 Retention of personal data

Users’ personal data is retained for two years after their last connection to the Site.

Their electronic identification data and cookies are retained for 13 months after being collected.

3.4 Personal data provided by users without being requested by Groupe Bénéteau

Groupe Bénéteau asks users to not transmit content that has not been requested with a questionnaire or any other collection form, such as commercial information, advertising, personal creations, ideas or concepts.

When users voluntarily provide personal data with multimedia content in particular (photographs, videos, etc.), they agree to provide accurate information that does not infringe on the interests or rights of any third parties.

3.5 Personal data security

Groupe Bénéteau will make every effort to protect users’ personal data against damage, loss, infringement, intrusion, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

For instance, Groupe Bénéteau’s IT systems are equipped with data encryption and software protection systems. Physical and electronic backup procedures are also in place to cover data collected on the Site, in accordance with personal data protection legislation.

Groupe Bénéteau employees who may have access to users’ personal data in connection with their professional activities are committed to ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

However, Groupe Bénéteau does not have control over the risks relating to internet use in general and would like to draw users’ attention to the potential risks involved in terms of data loss or infringements of confidentiality for data carried on this network. The information provided on the Site may be disrupted in the event of a case of force majeure or factors that are beyond the control of Groupe Bénéteau or outside its area of responsibility.

3.6 Users’ rights concerning personal data collected

In accordance with personal data protection legislation, users have:


  • The right to access, rectify, transfer, limit the processing of and request the removal of their data;
  • The right to limit and decline the processing of their data for legitimate reasons;
  • The option to issue instructions to organize the handling of their data in the event of their death (retention, removal, disclosure to third parties, etc.).


These rights may be exercised by submitting a request by email, by post or over the phone to:


Corporate and Financial Communications

16 Boulevard de la Mer

85800 Saint Gilles Croix de Vie – France
Email: contact
Tel: +33 (0) 2 51 26 88 50



In addition, the person responsible for data processing at Groupe Bénéteau notifies each recipient of personal data to inform them of any rectification to or removal of personal data or any restrictions concerning their processing, with the exception of cases when such communication is impossible or would require a disproportionate effort.


To ensure that Groupe Bénéteau is able to satisfy such requests, users must provide the elements required to identify them: surname, first name, email, postal address and proof of identity.

The Site also offers the option for users to unsubscribe from the electronic newsletter or any other Groupe Bénéteau communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

4 – Responsibilities of Site users

By accessing the Site, users confirm that they have the skills and technical resources required to access and use the Site.

Users confirm that they have checked that their devices do not contain any viruses and are in perfect working order. Users must also have read and agreed to these Legal Terms of Service.

Users have full and exclusive responsibility for their own use of the Site. Groupe Bénéteau cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, such as material damages, loss of data or programs, or financial losses arising from use of the Site or other websites that are linked to it.

5 – Security

In their use of the Site, users agree to refrain from any action that might cause IT, functional or other failures affecting the operations of the Site or any servers or services that may be accessed via the Site.

More specifically, within the space constituted by the Site, they agree to provide only reliable information, data, documents and/or files that are inoffensive and not likely to affect the operations of the Site or any server or service that may be accessed via the Site.

In their use of the Site or any servers or services that can be accessed via the Site, they agree to:

  • Comply with all current national and international laws and regulations, and respect the rights of third parties;
  • Not infringe on the image of Groupe Bénéteau in any way and in any form whatsoever.

Groupe Bénéteau cannot be liable for any damages arising from access to the Site, its use or its inaccessibility.

6 – Limitation of Groupe Bénéteau’s liability

Groupe Bénéteau has opened the Site to provide information for personal use by its users. Any commercial use of all or part of the data on the Site is strictly forbidden without prior approval from Groupe Bénéteau in writing.

The Site offers a clear and relevant presentation of Groupe Bénéteau and its activities, as well as simple access to the most widely searched information: financial, corporate and employer. As such, Groupe Bénéteau cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or omissions concerning the data published on the Site.

The information published on the Site (text, graphics, photos, etc.) is purely general and informative and is provided exclusively for information purposes. Although the greatest care is taken at all times, the Site is not contractually binding and cannot be used as any grounds for legal proceedings.

All the Groupe Bénéteau brands (Boat and Housing divisions) have dedicated websites that are managed independently by the brands themselves.

Groupe Bénéteau has a policy to continuously develop its network’s products and services and, without offering prior notice or informing the public, it reserves the right to modify the corresponding information without assuming any liability.

The information presented on the Site corresponds to the latest up-to-date version of the Site’s various pages when the information was put online. Modifications may have been made since the last update.

Groupe Bénéteau cannot guarantee the reliability or exhaustive nature of the information provided for users on the Site.

7 – Intellectual property

7.1 – Copyright

Groupe Bénéteau is the author of this Site in accordance with Articles L 111.1 et seq of the French Intellectual Property Code (Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle).

The Site has been designed and produced by ANTIGEL (

The text, photographs, animations, drawings, sounds and other creations are the exclusive property of Groupe Bénéteau.

Any reproduction, whether direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, by any means and in any form whatsoever, in full or in part, and any representation, use or modification, even partial, of the Site are forbidden. Such actions constitute a copyright infringement, punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 (Article L 716-10 of the French Intellectual Property Code).

7.2 – Trademark rights

The trademarks and semi-figurative marks have been registered by Groupe Bénéteau or its subsidiaries and are their exclusive property.

Any reproduction, use, imitation, insertion, deletion or modification of these marks without prior approval from Groupe Bénéteau or their owners constitutes a copyright infringement, punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 (Article L 716-10 of the French Intellectual Property Code).

8 – Hypertext links and referencing

8.1 Hypertext links

The Site may contain hypertext links to other websites that are completely independent from the Site. Groupe Bénéteau does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness or truthfulness of any information contained in such hypertext links or on any websites that it is linked to.

Users are therefore responsible for any access to any other websites linked to the Site.

8.2 Referencing

Any creation of a hypertext link to the Site and any referencing of it are forbidden without express approval from Groupe Bénéteau in writing.

9 – Changes to the Site’s Legal Terms of Service

Groupe Bénéteau reserves the right to amend or correct these Legal Terms of Service at any time and without prior notice, notably to ensure compliance with changes to current legislation.

10 – Governing law

The Site and these Legal Terms of Service are governed by French law.

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